Osteopathy for babies and children of all ages in Düsseldorf

Osteopathy for children and babies

A special osteopathic treatment approach that we offer in our practice is the treatment of babies and children of all ages, also referred to as “pediatric osteopathy”. The therapeutic aim of this approach is to support the physiological development of the child through the use of subtle osteopathic techniques.

In our practice we regularly treat babies with various complaints that may arise before or during birth.  Before birth, certain restrictions can arise primarily due to trauma (e.g. breech presentation, multiple pregnancies or premature descent).  During birth, the newborn may be confronted with other stressors or traumas (e.g. due to extreme pressure in a difficult birth, suction cup or forceps intervention, or a lack of necessary pressure in caesarean sections) that can lead to mechanical restrictions leading to symptoms.  Our osteopathic approach in the treatment of babies focuses on the initial identification of a specific movement restriction and then subsequent treatment involving a gentle impulse, to mobilize the affected structures activating and supporting the body’s self-healing properties.

Our pediatric osteopathy services are not limited to the treatment of babies, but also include the treatment of children of all ages. Due to the rapid mental and physical development of young children, our treatments of children and adults differ greatly. Due to the varied and complex stages of physical development in children, we strongly recommend that children only be treated by an osteopath who is specially trained in pediatric osteopathy. In order for us to offer the highest quality pediatric osteopathy, this form of osteopathy is only carried out in our practice by therapists who are trained in this particular area of osteopathy.   

As with our osteopathic treatments for adults, we place a high value on exercises performed at home, thereby reinforcing the osteopathic therapy.  Therefore we consider it essential to involve parents in the treatment of their babies and children by teaching hands on techniques that parents can use to support them. In our experience, this approach leads to faster and more effective results. We see pediatric osteopathy as a perfect adjunct to pediatric medicine, which is why we work closely with pediatricians and midwives.

Due to legal regulations, neither specific illnesses can be listed nor a guarantee of symptomatic relief or improvement of your complaints can be made, as this is seen from the legislator as a promise of a cure.