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The Centrum für Osteopathie in Düsseldorf
The Centrum für Osteopathie in Düsseldorf
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Osteopathy & Pilates in Düsseldorf

The Centrum für Osteopathie was initially formed in 2012 in Wülfrath by Australian qualified Osteopath Jarrod Russell. Since January 2014 a second practice has been opened up in the heart of Duesseldorf by Jarrod.

After 5 years of full-time study in the University of Western Sydney and more than 10 years of practical experience gained throughout numerous clinics in Australia, the Netherlands and Germany, Jarrod strives to offer the most evidence based and effective Osteopathy available in the Düsseldorf and Kreis Mettmann region.

In his Düsseldorf clinic, the treatment concept consists of the implementation of Osteopathy and rehabilitative Pilates which when used together is proven to be effective in the treatment of the majority of musculo-skeletal conditions. Although this treatment concept and approach is common in the majority of leading osteopathic and physiotherapy clinics in Australia and USA due to its profound effectiveness, however such an approach is currently seldom seen in Europe. The aim of this concept is to not just provide a prophylactic treatment alternative to patients, but rather a long term solution to their painful condition with the long term aim of educating and empowering the patient to help play a role in controlling their symptoms without the constant reliance on therapy.