Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

Osteopathy in pregnancy

Osteopathy in pregnancy is a specialized osteopathic service that we offer in our osteopathic practice.  This osteopathy service is divided into two areas: Osteopathy in Pregnancy and Osteopathy after Pregnancy (postnatal).

As with the treatment of all patients, our osteopaths take an individual approach to the specific complaints of our pregnant patients.  Pregnancy brings with it particular physical changes that can trigger discomfort and pain.  Behind these complaints often lies a mechanical dysfunction of the pelvis and/or pelvic floor.  Our osteopathic treatment for expectant mothers places significant emphasis on treating the pelvis and pelvic floor through the use of osteopathic techniques and specific exercises that are good for both mother and child.

For several years we have been working closely with several midwives, physiotherapists and gynecologists in Düsseldorf so that we can offer the best possible complementary treatment for your symptoms. 

Due to legal regulations, neither specific illnesses can be listed nor a guarantee of symptomatic relief or improvement of your complaints can be made, as this is seen from the legislator as a promise of a cure.