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My approach
My approach
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My approach

I aim to not just treat your symptoms, but rather treat the cause of your pain.

The typical treatment approach attempts in all cases to identify the underlying source and cause of the patients’ pain. This is then followed by the application of manual osteopathic techniques in an attempt to address and reduce the patients’ symptoms.

After symptomatic improvement has been obtained, patients will then be given the opportunity to address the mechanical causes of their symptoms and thereby prevent symptomatic relapses and re-injury with a patient specific rehabilitative Pilates program.
My Treatment Approach
Osteopathic treatment (2-6 weeks)
To provide symptomatic treatment.
Private 1:1 rehabilitative Pilates (up to 4-5 weeks)
To address the potential mechanical cause of symptoms, therefore improving joint mobility and core muscle support secondary to poor posture or faulty movement patterns.
Studio 1:3 rehabilitative Pilates (4-5 weeks+, Reassessment may also take place irregularly during this time)
During this phase, treatment aims consist of the continued treatment of overall joint mobility and core muscle support with the aim of preventing relapses in symptoms.

What happens to my body when suffering from pain, and how is it treated at the Centrum für Osteopathie?

Pain causes de-conditioning of your body.

  • Joint dysfunction or injury leads to irritation of pain sensitive nerves thereby triggering local muscle spasm and inhibition.
  • Subsequent to this, posture alteration occurs thereby leading to more muscle spasm and further sites of pain secondary to postural decompensation.
  • Over time providing the pain remains and its causes are not addressed, the risk of chronic pain can occur thereby leading to potential central nervous system changes and reduced chance of complete symptomatic resolution.


Reconditioning is commenced with the application of osteopathic techniques to painful structures, thereby attempting to alleviate the initial acute pain.

Once acute pain has abated, core stabilization and mobilization of immobilized and problematic joints is undertaken thereby attempting to reduce future re-injury. In addition to this, several exercises will always be provided to patients thereby complementing their Pilates treatment and subsequently accelerating and optimising their treatment. Programs are always specific to every patient as no one injury is the same, and exercises are gradually progressed thereby optimising symptomatic improvement.