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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

What does Osteopathy and/or Pilates sessions cost?
The treatment costs vary and are dependent on several factors, although as a guideline, Osteopathy costs between 90-100€. Individual Pilates sessions cost 75€. Furthermore it is expected that payment be made either with cash or bank card following each session.
Do you treat children?
I do not treat babies as I believe the treating of babies is beyond the scope of my education. I do however treat children over 5 depending on their presentation and symptoms.
Do you prescribe medication?
As a Heilpraktiker, I do have permission to prescribe some medications, however I do not do this as I have training in Osteopathy and not in therapies such as Homeotherapy where some medications are prescribed.
Do I need to make an appointment for the Osteopathy and/or Pilates?
All appointments are to be made either via telephone/mail or direct with me following each therapy. I can and do not see patients who do not have appointments.
What happens if I forget or do not show up to my appointment?
The missing of an appointment leads to me not being able to offer this appointment to any of my other patients that are on the waiting list, and in many cases suffering from acute pain. Therefore if this does occur, patients are obliged in paying for the forgotten or missed appointment which is 50% of the normal consultation price. To avoid this occurring, I offer free of charge and SMS reminder service to all patients, which means all patients can receive an SMS reminder of their appointment 24 hours before their appointment takes place, thereby minimising the chance of appointments being forgotten. Additionally I do request, that in the case of appointments being moved or cancelled, I do request that all patients do this via telephone at a minimum of 24 hours prior to their arranged appointment. Failure to do this will lead to all patients having to pay 50% of the normal consultation price.
Does my health insurer pay for the osteopathic services?
All patients should consult their insurers prior to treatment, to ascertain whether their insurer subsidises osteopathic services. As a rule, many but not all non-private (gesetzlich versichert) patients will obtain between 3-6 osteopathic treatments partially subsidised per year providing they have a recommendation for osteopathic services from a physician. This is however variable from insurer to insurer.

For Beihilfe, privately insured and zusatz insured patients, in most cases osteopathic services will be subsidised from the insurer providing the insurer recognises invoices from a Heilpraktiker. In some cases a referral from a medical physician is required. It is essential for those enquiring from their private health insurer as to whether osteopathic services will be subsidised, that all patients enquire whether Heilpraktiker costs be subsided and not osteopathic costs as Osteopathy is not considered as a independent profession in Germany.
How many treatments are required before I can expect improvement or a resolution in symptoms?
This varies greatly from case to case. As a general rule for most acute or sub-acute musculo-skeletal problems, patients should expect anywhere from 2-5 treatments to be required. For chronic patients it is neither possible to give a rough guide as to how many treatments are required, nor predict whether an improvement or symptomatic resolution in symptoms be obtainable due to the complex nature of chronic pain and the changes in the central nervous system function that it leads to. In most chronic pain cases providing patients show some response to therapy, ongoing therapy may be provided.
How long does an osteopathic treatment take?
All osteopathic and Pilates sessions take between 45-55 minutes for both initial and subsequent appointments. Patients should plan 1 hour for the entire appointment.
Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?
As a rule, no. However in some cases both private and non-private (gesetzlich) health insures won’t subsidise treatment costs unless a referral from a medical physician is acquired. It is suggested that all patients discuss this matter with their insurer prior to obtaining treatment, thereby preventing against any potential problems.
What should I wear to my appointment?
For the osteopathic treatment, the treatment and examination is most effective when patients are undressed down to their underwear. For the Pilates sessions, sport or gym clothing is suffice.