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About me
About me
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About me - Jarrod Russell

My osteopathic education comprised of the completion of full-time osteopathic study over 5 years in the University of Western Sydney in Australia in 2004.

Since 2011 I have been living in Germany after moving to Düsseldorf with my children and German wife. Prior to this period I had previously spent time working in some leading osteopathic clinics in Australia where I had the opportunity of working alongside and learning from very experienced osteopathic colleagues. During this time, I also had a short stint of previously working and living in the Netherlands. After experiencing different osteopathic approaches in various osteopathic clinics, I quite often became frustrated that on occasions Osteopathy alone didn’t always bring me the results that I was expecting, in particularly when chronic postural problems were underlying the patients pain. As a result of this, I expanded my knowledge into rehabilitative Pilates in combination with Osteopathy, of which, is commonly used in many leading Australian and American Osteopathy and Physiotherapy clinics.

Additionally, between 2009-2011 I was also involved in working as a Clinician overseeing osteopathic treatments undertaken by osteopathic students within the student osteopathic teaching clinic in the Victoria University in Melbourne. In 2010 I successfully passed the Heilpraktiker examination in Solingen Germany, thereby allowing me to work as an Osteopath in Germany.

Work history:

Employed as an associate Osteopath in various osteopathic clinics in Australia, the Netherlands and Germany.

Employed as a Clinician within the University’s student clinic.
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australien

Centrum für Osteopathie in Wülfrath

Centrum für Osteopathie in Düsseldorf

Additional Qualifications:

Successful completion of the Heilpraktiker examination.
(Gesundheitsamt Solingen, Germany)

Please note: Every year I visit various osteopathic related courses for further development of my osteopathic skills, and as a means of staying up to date with the new evidence based changes occurring within my profession.

Tertiary Study:

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)*
University of Ballarat, Australien
* This course was not completed due to me transferring into Osteopathy after completing one year of study.

01/2000 – 12/2004
Osteopathic Study
University of Western Sydney, Australien

Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Master of Osteopathy


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Effectiveness of cervical spine manipulation and prescribed exercise in reduction of cervicogenic headache pain and frequency: A single case study experimental design

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Cardiovascular effects in adolescents while they are playing video games: A potential health risk factor?